Our Clients say…

Our Clients say...

Working with the Fraley & Fox team was a pleasure. They were polite, professional, and responsive. Experience teaches that working with contractors on any type of project, whether in a commercial building or your home, can be a stressful situation. Having the right team in place makes all the difference. And that proved to be the case with the selection of Fraley & Fox for several particularly challenging home (interior and exterior) projects. A strong two thumbs up on their performance!


It was all a good experience. The pricing was great and they were great!
Eric  --  Read More

The service was excellent. They were timely. They were very professional. They listened to my needs. They paid attention to what I wanted.
Ethel    --   Read More

I am most satisfied with the quickness with which they installed everything and the kindliness of he installers. They kept the area clean and were very professional and very courteous.

Donna & Richard  --  Read More

Fraley & Fox Construction Satisfaction Survey

Pat Lupe
212 East Main St
South Amherst, OH

Project Date:

Survey Date:
Thursday March 23rd, 2017 6:13 PM EST

Type of Project:

1.Sales Knowledge - The salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my project.

2.Professional & Organized - Fraley & Fox Construction is organized and professional.

3.Communication - The staff at Fraley & Fox Construction communicates with me effectively.

4.Installation Crew - The Fraley & Fox Construction installation crew was organized and professional.

5.Quality Of Materials - I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.

6.Quality Of Workmanship - I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.

7.Clean & Safe - The job site is kept clean and safe.

8.Work Done Right - My work was done right the first time.

9.Problem Resolution - The staff at Fraley & Fox Construction addresses and resolves problems effectively.

10.Schedule - Fraley & Fox Construction adhered to our agreed upon schedule.
We didn't actually agree upon a time frame, but I was given verbally that this will take three months and we were into the 6th month when it was done.

11.Value - I feel I am receiving a fair value for my money.

12.Likely To Recommend - I am likely to recommend Fraley & Fox Construction to a friend.

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Fraley & Fox Construction is a very great company because they understand the motivation of the person requesting the services. For example, this home was my mother's home and we grew up here. She died and left it to my sister and me, so I was very sentimental about things in the house and they understood that. When other people would say, "you need this or that". Fraley & Fox Construction did what I wanted them to do. When it was over one of the workers found on the railing going up to the attic my father's signature. He had written his name and address underneath the piece of wood. The kitchen designer designed a little plaque by painting the word home on it and buffed up the piece of wood, put hooks on it, and had it on a shelf when she finished the job. She knew how much my family meant to me. It was wonderful. They understand the emotional aspect of making changes and never minimized it and went out of their way. I appreciated that they really respond not only to the physical plans for the construction but the emotional aspect that goes into some of the aspects and that is unusual.

13.Area For Improvement - In what area(s) do you think Fraley & Fox Construction fell short of your expectations if at all?
It just took a long time. but I appreciated that it happens that way because there were issues (like the brick color didn't match things) that happened along the way that caused it to be delayed. If they hadn't delayed it for those reasons, then I probably would have been unhappy with it in the end. They didn't just lolly-gag through it. It wasn't their fault. When it was done, it was worth it because everything turned out exactly the way I wanted it.

14.Area Of Satisfaction - In what area(s) were you most satisfied with your experience with Fraley & Fox Construction and why?
I was most satisfied with the fact that they incorporated my personal feelings about things and didn't minimize them. They made a special effort to make sure those feelings were acknowledged and followed through on.

15.Current Referrals - Do you know anyone who would be interested in receiving information about the services and products offered by Fraley & Fox Construction?
I don't know anybody specifically. I have already referred them to my cousins and he refers them to other people. I don't know anybody at present, but if I hear someone who needs a builder at work, I would definitely recommend them and I have already done so several times.

16.Recognize Excellence - Is there anyone at Fraley & Fox Construction you would like to recognize for their exceptional service?
They were excellent in their own ways at what they did. Todd, Joel, and Austin were part of the work team. Melissa was the kitchen designer and she as wonderful. There were a number of subcontractors who did specific things and they were wonderful also. They hire very qualified subcontractors. The plumber who came in was here at 10 pm one night. This house is old and there were more problems than he anticipated. It required putting in a new toilet in my bathroom. He actually went and got the toilet and put it in. They are wonderful and you couldn't ask for anybody better than the team itself. The quality of the products are amazing. They matched everything beautifully. They are wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about them. It was worth it in the long haul. The other thing about them is they say take some time to see how it goes and settles in and they will come back. They said to keep a list of things that they need to buff up and then they will be completely done. So I have a couple of things but just minor things for them to come back and go through. That's important. It's a long process and things don't always work and I see people that have construction and come across these things. Fraley & Fox will come back and that is nice.

Additional Comments
They are honest. They are not the cheapest in the world, but not absorbingly expensive. My father always told us don't go for the bottom line. They are an honest, capable, skillful company.